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The witch is back 8) as always I love pairing lace items with total black outfits, people always say that all black coordinates are boring, but I love playing with many details (sheer materials, lace, long skirt) and make the look that I want, we don't need colors to make an outfit special ahah! Black matte and silver accessories are my favorite to finish a perfect witchy look. Do you have a favorite go-to-look? When I want to feel pretty I always ended up wearing something witchy related, but I'm thinking about some new gyaru and lolita for the incoming events I'll attend the next months eheh.

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  1. adorable! mind you, I found a pleated skirt similar to yours while thriftshopping!

  2. i really love the skirt, so I have a question: is the elastic waistband well sewn? I want to buy it but I don't really trust websites like new dress :)

    1. I'm glad you like it :D ans yes it's well done and the waistband perfect!


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