Hat h&m - Harness AlienMoƩ - Wig Rosegal - Dress Ghost of Harlem - Accessories Rogue+Wolf - Tights Ebay - Boots Quanticlo

I recently bought a new lens for my reflex and I'm so in love with these first pics I shot with it! You can believe me if I said these pics have no retouch at all? They're so naturally shiny! I wish I have enough money to buy some more lenses and learn more how to take good and different pics, but for now I'm satisfied with the quality ahah. The outfit is as always one of my favorite easy all black outfits with some of my matte black accessories, the lenses are iFairy Moe Moe brown from Uniqso (you can use as always my code "vanilla" for a discount on your order) and they're still my favorite pair!

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