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Hi guys!
First post for this year, I'm back with a different kind of review, lately I wanted to do something a bit different on my blog because I know a lot of people could be tired of all my outfit posts ahah so I decided to make some review of items I really love (Mostly makeup). I got questions about the Jeffree Star Velour lipsticks so many times and I hope I can answer all of them with this post. I tried to make it as exhaustive as possible so you'll find swacthes on my lips together with the usual skin ones and also some comparisons with other lipsticks I have in my collection.

 The cartoon package is one of the cutest I've ever seen, hot pink with gold and white print. I usually don't save the package but this one totally catched my attention, also the phrases over it made me laugh hard.

The colors are so pigmented and gorgeous, all the pics were takend with natural morning light and I didn't edit the light at all, I'm just trying to share the most truthful colors!

Texuture: liquid to matte. It's one of the newest kinds of lipstick textures really popular these last few years. I have in my collection different products like this and this is absolutely the best in term of quality and coverage. It's really easy and smooth to apply, just takes a few minutes and the colors are totally matte.

Colors: the colors are amazing, really pigmented and you need only one layer to get the perfect coverage all over your lips. Most of them are so special it was really hard to find something similar.

Quality: They're one of the best lips products I've ever tried, they stay perfectly on your lips all day even if you eat and drink, the only way to ruin them is drinking alcol or eat something really oily. Can you believe I had Redrum on my lips for all the big Christmas dinner and it was still perfect? My relitives asked me what I was wearing because every woman in the room already had no lipstick after the appetizer!

I'm Royalty

I'didn't have something similar to I'm Royalty (both for texture and colors), I never saw something like this anywhere, as you can see it has a lot of blue inside it! If you're looking for the best pigmented violet this one is totally amazing, finally I have a violet lipstick that doesn't look like a strange pink over my lips.

Me wearing I'm Royalty. As you can see it's super pigmented and matte, just one layer and the coverage is perfect!

Redrum is the classic red color everyone should have, it wasn't hard to find something with a similar color but nothing compares to the soft matte texture and the super high resistance. If you're looking for a dupe for the color the two Rimmel ones are really similar, but of course the texture is totally different, also they don't last a lot like the Jeffree Star one.

Me wearing Redrum, the color is so bright and makes my lips so full! All my other lipsticks didn't have the same plumping effect.

Unicorn Blood 
Unicorn Blood is my favorite of the three, it has a brown part inside it that makes it totally different on your lips than the other dark red lipsticks I have. It looks quite similar to the Outrageous Rouge 07 from Sephora (it's also another extreme liquid lipstick) but they don't look alike on the lips, also the texture is kind of different because the Jeffree Star one is no transfer (for real!) and totally matte, the Sephora one remains a bit liquid on your lips and it's not totally matte. 

 Me wearing Unicorn blood, as you can see this one is super pigmented and completely matte!

I hope you liked this super big review, it took me so many hours to make all the swatches and the post ahah if you're interested in other posts like this just let me know! I'm so in love with these lipsticks and I can't stop to recommend them to you all! If you're from Europe and would like to avoide the customs you can find some of them on Cocktail Cosmetics!

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  1. Oh wow, they really look wonderful!
    I'd love Unicorn Blood, but it seems sold out on Cocktail Cosmetics ... Is there a way to know when they'll come back in stock, or should I just stalk the website? XD

    1. Yes! Unicorn blood will be in stock this month :D there is a restock update list up in the page!

  2. Wow the colours are so strong! Amazing! I always worry about lipsticks because my lips are quite dark so colours don't show up very well... I'm so tempted to get the "Unicorn Blood" one! Looks amazing on you!

    1. thank you so much beautiful! I'm sure it'll look great on you *_* the nude shades are perfect for gyaru style, I saw them on a friend and they're amazing too!

  3. I've heard such great things about these lipsticks
    All the shades suit you really well, but I think Unicorn Blood is my favourite on you! :D


    1. thank you so much cutie *u* it's my favorite shade too!

  4. Gorgeous!! These look so highly pigmented and rich, they look wonderful on you.
    ☆☆Kiana Bee☆☆

  5. I'm totally in love with Jffree Star cosmetics and I want unicorn blood lipstick!

  6. Unicorn Blood hands down!! But I do think Outrageous would suit me well as I prefer lip gradient.. If you don't mind me asking, how much was it?
    Thanks for this post, I really need a lip shade fix. The one I always use from Etude (and HolikaHolika) is super drying!!

    1. It's 14£ on Cocktail cosmetics! I'm sure it'll look fabulous on you *_*


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