Hat h&m - Top Shein - Coat Shein - Skirt Romwe - Boots Quanticlo - Necklace Rogue+Wolf

I'm sure you already noticed I have this same top in black, but I can't help myself, when I like something I wish to get it in a lot of colors so I was really happy to say hello to this brand new burgundy top in my closet. I wish the weather was warmer to wear it without something underneath  but we are in the snow season so....no light clothes for me :< I froze only to take these few pics without the coat sigh. Recently I'm totally into decluttering so I re-discovered a lot of makeup I use rarely but this gorgeous burgundy mineral eyeashadow by Violent Maiden is always my favorite red shade! Do you control your makeup? I used to keep almost everything but I HAVE to clean up because it has no sense have espired makeup...I did it for my closet and it feels so good to say goodbye to a lot of old clothes!

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