Winter outfit ideas mixed budgets!

Hi cuties!
New outfit ideas post, this time I tried to change a bit more my usual post adding different brands (with different budgets), I hope you like this idea :) I usally mix a lot of different brands, something cheaper, something more expensive, I always look only to the final result, so this outfits are totally me in all the way ahah! I made three new collages with different styles/occasions to wear them:

Elegant outfit

I wish I had more social life or special events to dress up this way :( elegant looks are so gorgeous even if sometimes they're not really comfortable ahah. I absolutely choose my favorite items so far to make a witchy elegant outfit: long sheer dress paired with huge platform shoes with a warm fake fur coat and the best clutch I've ever seen ( I hope to get it one day because it's too fabulous!)

Girly outfit

The second look is a bit more casual but still really girly with the gradient fur coat (which is really cool and a bit different from my usual total black) and the black skirt, paired with another pair of huge platform boots (really similar to the Mulder model from Jeffrey Campbell, but this pair is really cheap compared to the original one I have) and a Witchy&Bitchy top to finish the look.
Cool outfit

The last one is the cooler outfit in this post, I'm so in love with this asymmetric skirt I wore it many times since I got it! I paired it with an adorable crop top with a white collar (that reminds me a lot the Wednesday Addams outfit), vegan leather biker jacket and my favorite boots from Dr. Martens, I really hope to grab this pair with the double sole one day!

It's all for this collage post, I hope you liked it! Let me know of course if you prefer the "cheap" version or if you like this mixed budget more :)!

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  1. Love all of this clothes ; ; want all of them!
    Thank you for share!


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