Hat h&m - Sweater SheIn - Skirt Romwe - Overskirt Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Killstar - Boots Windsor Smith - Cover Anyshapes

It's my first time wearing something with this beautiful ice grey shade, I think it's a great color for the winter time, especially if you're not a big fun of dark colors (like me :P) and I know it's really hard to find light colors during the cold season, just checking the stores you see only black, brown, green and burgundy shades. I matched the sweater with a full black coord, grey wig and smokey eyes makeup for a change, even if I don't really like how it looks on me XD dark colors on eyes make me look like a doped lol. I also received this gorgeous iPhone cover by the brand Anyshapes, which is so amazing for the quality and the designs, you can also personalize the cover with your name over it (as I did!), you really have to take a look on their collection, there are also a lot of chanel-like bag covers, perfect to fit gyaru outfits!

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