Hat h&m - Top Glad News - Necklace Vivienne Westwood - Skirt SheIn- Bag Diesel - Boots Quanticlo

I'm always into all black everything outfits and this one is something really comfy to wear but also cool to look! I never imagined to find such a cute and edgy skirt in a cheap website, it reminds me a lot skirts from the japanese goth/punk brands (like Algonquins) and the quality is also really good, totally recommended to you all if you like this style and want to try it for a super good price! I would like to try the skirt in a totally different style the next time because it is too fabulous to wear it only in a goth fashion ahah! Today I finally decorated my own little Christmas tree in my room, I can't wait to go around the town looking for presents and enjoy the Christmas feeling, I really need it.

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