Winter Essentials

Hi cuties! New post with some of my clothes/accessories essentials for winter time, this is a cheap version but if you want I can do a similar post with brand items :) I know most of you can't spend too much money for clothes so I really hope you like this kind of purchases! I already have similar clothes in my closet (and some of them are the same!), they're my absolutely favorite for the cold season.


Fur coats: you know I'm a big fan of fake fur coats, they're super comfy and warm to wear and you can make tons of different coords, especially with a total black one. I'm waiting to get this one in the mail so you'll see soon how it's in real life!

Lapel coats: they're a classic item that every one has in the closet, they especially fit the elegant coords and are great for every day during the winter 8D

Parka: they're perfect for casual outfits, when I have to go out super early for university a green parka is always what I wear to fight the cold and stay comfy and warm all day.


Platform boots: my favorite type of boots all the time, perfect to wear with every coords! This pair is really simple and I think it's nice to have something like this in the closet, just to have a pass-partout boots easy to wear and super comfy.

Lace up boots: a more casual pair of boots, perfect to wear with plaid skirts or a large knit dress! Of course with the platform because I simply love it ahah!

High heeled boots: a more elegant pair to fit non-casual coords ahahah I really like the tiny spikes around them!


 Turtleneck sweater: I love so much turtleneck sweaters! They're super comfy and warm, totally perfect during winter time so you can avoid using a scarf if you don't like them. There are so many beautiful models that's really hard to choose, I really like zips details on this model!

Round neck sweaters: for everyone who don't like turtleneck sweaters, a simple one with the round neck is the perfect choice! The burgundy color is a must during the cold season for me.

Special crop tops: I can't lie to myself, this heart hollow crop sweater is one of the cutest items I've seen in this season! There are a lot of japanese brands that made their own version of it, this one is cheap and available in a lot of beautiful pastel colors, I choose the red one 'cause is one of my favorite colors and perfect for Christmas :D


 Burgundy skirts: one of my favorite color to wear during the winter, I have this skirt and you already saw it in some old posts (here and here), I love it and wore it a lot since I got it, it's really flattering!

Fake leather skirts: as always a fake leather skirt is something everyone should have in the closet ahahah! They're great with a lot of different outfits and also warm to wear.

Plaid: and lastly the usual plaid skirt that I'm sure everyone already has in the closet! I choose for a change a simple black x white one but every color is fine for me.

I hope you like this post and of course let me know if you want something with brands items :D

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