Cheap outfits ideas: copy my coords!

Hi cuties!
Another post for my usual cheap outfits ideas! This time I wanted to do something different from the usual seasonal one, so I decided to share some cool items/coordinates ideas really similar to some of my favorite outfits (of course really cheap compared to some items I own).

The first outfit is one of my favorites of the last months (and I noticed people on Tumblr liked it a lot!) so I tought it would be the perfect one to start this collage :D I found a pretty similar coat which is fabulous and perfect for a witchy look. Unfortunetely I didn't find a red plaid skirt on the same website, but my original idea was to add a green tartan one to my outfit, so I'm glad I found a cool one that matches my original idea! And lastly a large black hat which is my favorite accessory for the autumn/winter time!

Fur coats are one of my favorite items during the cold season, paired it with a cool black and mesh dress with a super large hat and you get a pretty similar outfit! I already have a lot of fur coats in my closet but every year I get a new one :( I have an addiction and I hope I'm not the only one here ahah!

The last idea is inspired by one of my most recent looks: long and cozy blue plaid blouse (which is the SAME of my outfit) paired with a cute high waist fake leather skirt and a white crop top and you get the coordinate! The skirt is so cute and I'm really tempted to get it ahah totally love it!
Let me know what do you think about this "new" kind of cheap outfits post :D if you're interested I can do something like these asap!

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