Hat h&m - Blouse Fig&Viper - Tee Boy London - Bag Vivienne Westwood - Boots Windsor Smith

Easy and comfy outfit I wore yesterday to go out with my girls for a japanese lunch and some shopping, lately I'm totally into tartan coords and I'm so happy I could finally wear this cool blouse I got from the summer sales months ago, next time I'll try to make a more feminine look with it! Autumn is my favorite season, I really hope I can shoot tons of coords before winter, I think it's the perfect season together with spring to express your style the best! This coord is also a cute idea for a back to school outfit because is super comfy to wear for a full day out eheh!

And finally after ages a new youtube video! I hope to post more often on my Youtube channel especially after my last exam for this year, let me know what do you think about my Jeffrey Campbell collection and of course new ideas for next videos! I'll be really happy if you also subscribe to my channel!

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