Hat h&m - Dress Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Old outfit I shoot over one month ago,I made two new orders from Japan after many months (I'm still waiting for one parcel), the summer collections usually are not my favorites but this time I saw so many gorgeous things! I don't joke when I say I would like to buy everything from the newest Ghost of Harlem and Glad News collections ;_; I totally need to become rich ahah! I'm so in love with this dress and the best thing is you can wear the underdress alone (or the lace one with other items), so you have two or more dresses with only one purchase! Can't wait to show you the other things I got in my orders (and you are interested I also bought the Risa Nakamura and Yura Peko photobook so if you want a post about them just ask!).

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