Hat h&m - Necklace Nadia Flores en el corazon - Dress SheIn - Shoes Quanticlo - Bag Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Sometimes is nice to go out of my confort zone and try something totally different from my usual style, this coord is simple and girly, perfect for the hot weather we have now in Italy! This dress is super light and soft, I already washed it a lot and it's still in perfect condition, something really important for summer clothes. I got the "jacket bag" in the Ikebukuro Sunshine City in Tokyo during my past January travel, you already saw it in a previous post wore as a clutch, but you can also wear it as a shoulder bag! I wish I had such cool and cheap shops here in Italy too ;_; I want to go back to Japan ahah, but firstly I want to see more and more european countries!

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