Review: iFairy Moonlite Yellow (aka Princess Eclipse)

Recently Uniqso added to the great and large circle lens selection pf new Moonlite series from iFairy. I saw this model some time ago (it was the Princess Pinky model in the past years) and I wanted to try it so bad! This model is available in tons of different colors so don't forget to check it here, it's maybe the first time I saw so many colors for just one circle lens model! My choice was the yellow one :D

As always I got my package in a few days with Dhl shipping, if you need your lenses in a short period of time I highlty recommend this shipping option!

Base Curve     8.6mm
Color Tones     2 Tones
Diameter     16.2mm
Replacement Period     12 months
Water Content     55%

As you can see the lenses are incredibly big like every iFairy lenses I already tried, even if they are big they're super comfy! The most amazing thing is the lovely design (which is great on dark eyes!) and the super amazing and bright yellow color, I already have some yellow lenses but this pair is just the most yellow I have! They're great both for cosplay and j-fashion looks and of course the prescription is available!

Color ★★★★ amazing yellow color!
Design ★★★★ really special design
Enlargement ★★★ big enlargement effect!
Comfort ★★★★ very comfy!
- special design that is really hard to find
- perfect for cosplay and j-fashions coords
- BIG diameter
- really comfy
- not apt for daily use

What do you think about them? I know it's a very special design than the usual circle lenses but I really like it! I'm very tempted to get another color from this gorgeous series! Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order ;) and also don't forget to check the new special promotion & current promotion!

3 commenti:

  1. They look amazing, but I prefer more natural colours and designs

    1. natural colors are also my favorite ♥ sometimes it's nice to change a bit :D


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