Double coord

Cardigan SheIn - Dress, choker Ghost of Harlem - Hat h&m - Shoes Yru 

I don't wear only total black coords ahahah just for a change I got recently THIS grey long and cozy cardigan, the quality is really good, soft at touch and easy to coordinate! It pairs really nice with my grey Ghost of Harlem dress, which I love and for the first time I can coordinate it with something different from the usual and loved black. I would like to add more grey items in my closet, especially for autumn and winter, I really need to improve my daily coords and add some other colors from the usual ones ahahah sometimes I feel like my coords are always the same XD.

Top SheIn - Kimono SheIn - Hat h&m - Skirt Romwe - Sandals YRU

Even during this hot summer total black coords are always my favorites! I have a big collection of long cardigans and kimonos but I totally miss one with fringes, so I was really happy to add THIS one to my closet! I think it's perfect to wear during summer 'cause is really light and you can use it with almost everything, from casual to elegant outfits! I paired it with THIS gorgeous harness top, it's really tiny and short but it fits me even if I'm not flat (sometimes I really hate my boobs ahah!), the details are gorgeous and it's not really easy to find cool tops like this for cheap.

Which outfit is your favorite??  It's a big change for me to wear a grey coord ahah!

8 commenti:

  1. I love the all black co-ord, the fringe really makes the outfit <3

  2. I love the black top on you! I got one similar but since I'm flat as a board no boobies at all the top just looks kind a bad :/

    1. you're so kind! thank you ♡♡♡ TuT it's really strange it looks bad on you, I always thought this kind of top look fabulous on flat girls!

  3. Great outfit! It really suits you!

  4. Your second outfit *-* I love your crop top


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