School girl

Hat h&m - Blouse Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Tights Dresslink - Boots Windsor Smith - Necklace Rock 'n rose

So many new things in just one outfit post! I recently got this blouse and this skirt from Romwe, I had in my mind this coord idea of a gothic school girl and I totally love the final result, even if it's quite simple. I didn't want to make it "too heavy" 'cause I wanted to wear also my new Premium Hexe from Lockshop, which is fabulous and super soft but of course really special to wear in a daily coord. What do you think about lace front wigs on me? It's my first time with something like this and I'm still not sure how I feel with showing my forehead ahahah! About my new clothes: the quality is really great, I'm totally satisfied with all of them, they also fit really nice! I'm always really happy to share positive experiences about cheap products, because I know everything is way better if it's not expensive ahahah!
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