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The weather became hot these days but nobody can stop me wearing THIS cool tartan blouse I got! I'm a big fan of plaid, I had so many blouses and skirts but I missed a green one! This one is super cozy and soft, perfect to wear like a jacket or a simple blouse when you close it, it's also asymetric 'cause the front part is shorter than the back! I hope I didn't annoy you with so many outfits posts lately, I have a bunch of other ones to share with you, spring is my favorite season and everytime I try to shoot as many coords as possible 'cause my summer outfits are always really boring ;_;

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  1. Love it! that dress is so perfect! and the tights.. and the blouse.. O.O

  2. Love your tights! You should do a post w/ your collection :D

    1. I'm glad you like them dear ♡ it's a great idea :D I'll try to do it asap!

  3. I'm a immense admirer of checkered, I obligated consequently many shirts and skirts but I wasted a avocado one women clothing online

  4. So beautiful, as always <3

  5. Cool outfit *-* I have the same tights


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