Wednesday Addams coords idea


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Going around Sheinside I noticed how many lovely clothes are perfect for some Wednesday Addams inspired coords! I did two versions of it, one for summer with sandals and a lace cardigan, and one for winter with the long sleeves dress, a heavy coat and boots. The outfits can be easily completed with a large black hat, they're great for my taste and for such cheap prices! People always ask me where to find cool clothes for cheap, with fast shipping and without a shopping service, so if you like this kind of post I would be really happy to make new ones!

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  1. wow i think i ordered somewhat same dress but from Romwe. I love Wednesday Addams too <3 and these selections really represents her image XD
    There is a Youtube channel I follow, she makes videos as Wednesday Addams grown up version and how would she react to life situations :))

    1. I love her channel *___* thank you so much for sharing it! I'm sure you look perfect as always with that dress ♥♥♥


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