Review: Saber wig Uniqso

Hi cuties!
I have a new review for my favorite shop Uniqso to share with you! This time I know all the cosplayers who follow me will be really glad to see what I think about this lovely Saber wig, I've been cosplaying Saber for years now (if you're curious you can see the pics here) but my wig was really old and ruined, it was also too tiny for my head and hair so everytime wearing it was really tiring, for this reason I was really happy to have the chance to try a new one!

The wig has the perfect blonde/yellow shade for Saber, the fiber is really soft and nice, the chignon is attached to the wig and you can't remove it (my old one had the detachable one) but it's not a problem and I found it really convenient to put it in less time without worrying! It's also enough large for your head, absolutely the best thing! The little hair strand was really well done and already laquered *_*.

(The lenses are Beauberry Vivid Green and you can read the full review HERE!)

I just cut the bangs and the lateral locks to fit my face shape, I also straighted a bit the locks and the result was perfect and really easy to do, just one minute with my iron and the locks are perfectly straight and smooth! I definitely recommend it to everyone who whold like to cosplay my always favorite anime girl Saber!

Don't forget you can always use the code "vanilla" for a 10% discount on your Uniqso order!

4 commenti:

  1. OMG it's so cuuuuute!! I also wanted to see one w/ the braid but omg HOW CAN YOU LOOK SO ADORBZZZ T.T

    I want to wear wigs too (and try to go out wearing one)
    maybe I'll use your coupon soon!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much dear T_T you're always too sweet! I'll edit the review asap with a pic with the braid :D thanks for let me know, I totally forgot to take it ;_;!

      ( I'm sure you will look amazing with a wig *___* I'm so curious to see which one you'll get!)

  2. Thank you a lot for this awesome review! You're so beautiful and cute girl, now I want to save all of your pictures and look at them, you're such an inspiration to me!


    1. You're so sweet and kind ;u; thank you so much cutie!!


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