Japan day 10: Shinjuku, Square Enix shop, Christon Cafe


New Japan post finally! I can see the end of this diary report ahahah I miss Tokyo so much, I wish I can go back now! This day was near the end of my travel so I wanted to do some shopping, we firstly went to the 109 where I bought tons of things.

 I also talked a bit with the lovely Glad News shop staff Yammuz (you can find her on instagram!), she was so happy when I said I follow her and she recognized me and screamed a lot XD.

Shibuya is one of my favorite parts of Tokyo, not only for the shopping, I really like the air, everyone is so fashionable and there is people around any hour, even in the evening. We ate in a delicious steak house, this hamburger was glorious!

We also visited the Square Enix shop finally! There are tons of beautiful gadgets and the entrance was so cute! The whole little house look like a white ball.

Doutor is my favorite cafè in Tokyo, I really don't like Starbucks but this one is really cute and the products way better! I was so in love with the matcha soy milk ;_;

On the main road I visited so many lovely shops! I also checked the Tower Records, Studio Alta and the Lumine est mall, which is the paradise for neo gal fashion!

I wanted to take it at home T_T I think we checked 3 or 4 Tower Records to find all the full-lenght of Yousei Teikoku ahahah!

Lumine Est is a cute mall in fron of the famous Studio Alta, as I said before it's the paradise for neo gal fashion, there was a floor totally dedicated to brands like Fig&Viper, Murua, Evris, ecc (and also the famous Rady, which sadly closed there :/ but I saw the shop in all it's beauty!)

Around Shinjuku we also found a cute and little shrine! It was really hard to find cause it was totally hidden between the huge palaces XD one of the thing I love of Tokyo is the combination between nature and traditional and the modern and huge palaces everywhere.

During my first travel I had a horrible experience at Christon Cafe, super expensive food which wasn't delicious at all and I spent the night in the toilet too lol. We wanted to give it a second chance, this time the local was kinda empty, I ordered chicken wings, it was yummy but in the night I felt bad again lol. Definitely I won't go there again XD.

That's all for this Tokyo post! Let me know if you like it! *u*

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  1. it seems like Shinjuku is changing a lot. Gosh, my melody and Hello Kitty phone cases are so kawaii! Oh my! Sooo melting to see it.


    1. Yes Shinjuku changed a lot since my last travel! It's still one of my favorite part of Tokyo ♡

  2. I really want to try that matcha soy latte! Looks so yummy <3

  3. I love your blog whenever I come here I am bombarded delicious information. Love love love XD
    Sexo, Fraldas e Rock'n Roll

  4. im so sorry to hear about your food experience at Christon Cafe the chicken looked so yummy >.<
    And I just love how sci fi square enix shop is <3 <3 <3
    The shop staff is really cute too omg but tbh I'd scream too if i bump into you one day! :D :D

    1. you're too sweet dear ♡ ♡ ♡ I hope we can meet one day in London *__* I'm trying to organize the travel for this summer!

  5. Oh my gosh can't believe how bad your experience was at Christon Cafe! I thought expensive places would mean good food o_o How annoying!
    I'm loving all of those My Melody cases! I swear I'm addicted to My Melody haha.

    You look so pretty <3

    1. Christon Cafè was totally disappointing :/ there are tons of themed restaurant with great food so next time I'll surely check other ones, I'm really sorry because the location is amazing!

      Thank you so much beauty ♡ ♡ ♡

  6. I really like Doutor drink and cake! * \ ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡


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