Day 8: Shibuya + Harajuku


Happy Easter cuties! I wish you all a wonderful weekend with your beloved ones! Today I'm going out to shoot a new outfit post, in the mean time let's enjoy this new Tokyo post! This day firstly we went to Shinjuku to check the 109 and the Tower records and then to Harajuku with some friends!

 The day was incredible windy and cold, for this reason I didn't take so many pics T_T but I went around tons of shops and spent too much ahahah! We found all the albums of one of my favorite japanese band (Yousei Teikoku) and I was really happy to finally get all of them!

 This juice was totally a drug, wish we had it in Italy too!

In Harajuku during the afternoon I found a super lovely shop of Jetoy! If you don't know it, it's a korean brand that sells various items with only cute cats over them!

 Takeshita Dori was super full that day, we waited our friends and then discovered tons of new shops around the area! The good thing is you can find a lot of amazing dresses and accessories for super cheap prices, for example we all bought something at Closet Child for ridiculous prices 8).

We also went to La Foret, the lolita shops are always too cute for my heart, especially the Btssb one! In front of it you can find one of my favorite rokku gyaru brands, Ghost of Harlem! They had a great selection of items even if it was sales time **

 For dinner we went to an Irish pub, that seems to be really popular in Tokyo XD the food was ok but kind of expensive compared to other restaurants (the pizza my friends took was totally horrible lol, but fish & chips was ok luckily).

Doutor was another drug for me in Tokyo ahahah I love their Matcha latte! I don't know why all the people love Starbucks, we tried it some days before and it was terrible XD but yeah I know italians like me are kinda critic about coffee and other italian specialities.

4 commenti:

  1. Riusciresti a ricordare come arrivare al Jetoy? *o*

    1. certo *_* appena posso trovo una cartina e te la passo su fb!

  2. Wow that store looks super cute! I really want some of those flatform shoes~

    1. I'm glad you like them *_* there were tons of lovely shoes!


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