Day 6: Asakusa + 109 mall


Finally a new post about my Tokyo travel! The 6th day we went for the usual Asakusa tap, to visit the temple and buy some souvenirs for our family. The weather was really terrible so we went back to the hotel after lunch, but luckily our metro line was perfect to check the 109 from the entrance inside the metro so during the afternoon we check some stores without rain 8D!

The food was really yummy and cute I wanted to buy and eat everything ahahah and I also found so many lovely gifts for my family, it's the perfect place to shop for souvenirs!

Asakusa is such a lovely district, I really like it! The temples are amazing and everything looks so traditional. If you visit Tokyo you totally need to check it!

Delicious Takoyaky for lunch *u*

As I said before we went to 109 for some shopping 'cause the weather was still rainy and cold, I really like that you can enter a lot of different malls from the metro line 8D

Miauler Mew is such a cute shop with tons of pastel items and the prices are really resonable, it's not my style but if you like pastel clothes you totally need to check it!

Liz Lisa store is always really cute! Another shop which isn't totally my style, but I found some cool items I can easily coordinate with my lolita outfits!

Kokokim is one of the newest shop inside the 109 and I really like this style! Unfortunetely a lot of items have a shitty quality and I didn't expect it D: for this reason I didn't buy anything, especially because the prices are quite expensive!

Ma*rs store is always really fashionable! I wanted to buy something from it but I always feel really uncomfortable with such sexy clothes ahah!

Yummy dinner I bought at the conbini! I love that you can buy delicious food everywhere in Tokyo and everything is so cheap T_T wish we had such great and cheap food in Italy too!

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  1. Japan is a dream of consumption and every time I see more photos just got more desire to visit it, it is so beautiful and full of culture but also that far. ):

    1. I know that feeling! I hope you can visit it asap ♥♥♥


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