Review: Happiness Boutique Gold Necklace

Hi dears! Time for a new review, this time for the shop Happiness Boutique, it sells a lot of different fashion items, from clothes to accessories, I was able to choose one of their beautiful necklaces and I ended up choosing THIS one which is kinda classic and gorgeous!

I got the package in around one week (the store is located in Germany, really good for european buyers!) and it was packed amazingly, as you can see in my pics it comes with a lovely white cartoon box with the brand logo, different cute business cards and paper. Also the lovely red envelope bag is a great touch! I think tha package does a lot for a shop so I totally apprecciate the care they put in it!

The quality is totally amazing! The neckalce it's made of a heavy material that looks really precious, the gold color is well done and perfect to coordinate with tons of different styles. I wore it with one of my usual edgy looks to give it a more elegant touch and I really like the final effect (you can find it here)! Of course there are tons and tons of amazing items on the website so check it if you're curios! I'm really satisfied about the product quality and the service, the staff was really kind and informative, totally recommended!

They're also active on Facebook so don't forget to check their page!

14 commenti:

  1. That is such a pretty piece! I definitely have to check out there store.


  2. i really love how you pulled it off and your dress omg *u* i want same one~

  3. Wow, beautiful necklace *-*

  4. Omfff ♥. The necklace is so beautiful and I love your outfit.

  5. OMG...the Necklace it's beautiful *-*

  6. I love your look and the necklace is so cool. :3

    Bai, Shiki


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