How to wash and restyle wigs

I got a lot of questions about how I wash my wigs so I decided to write a post about my method (and some little advice on how to restyle a wig)! Of course there are a lot of different methods, this is my personal one, I've been using it for a lot of years both for cosplay and fashion wigs! It's really important to wash your wigs, firstly because they will smell really bad after wearing them a lot of times (everytime I go to a convention I want to die for the smell T_T) and because you can restyle a wig or try to save it when it's too twisted. Read here how often should you wash your wigs.

I recently got this beautiful blue wig from Uniqso (you can find it here!) and I decided to make this tutorial for you because I would like to straight it! The wig looks really wavy and soft, for this reason I used my first method for new wigs to wash it (I'll explain of course the difference when you have to wash a new wig or an old and ruined one).

1) Put the wig inside a bowl of water (cold or medium temperature, NOT hot because it can ruin your wig), carefully wet it and then wash it with a delicate shampoo in the bath or the faucet.

2) Wash the wig with a delicate shampoo, I really recommend this Garnier one 'cause it's really delicate and it smells really good! Of course you don't need to buy special and expensive products, you can easily find at the supermarket delicate shampoos you can use both for your hair and wigs. If your wig is still in good condition using only the shampoo is totally fine, but if your wig is damaged and twisted is really important to use a strong conditioner. Take attention when you choose it, it's not ok using a really creamy conditioner 'cause it can stick to your wigs and it will be really hard to wash it (or in the worst option, your wig will look like a hank glued). For italians I really recommended this one, it's really cheap (just 1,50 euro) it has a strong conditioner power but it's at the same time really light, perfect for wigs in my opinion! Just put it for 20-30 minutes and then wash the wig and comb it, if it's necessary wash it again to remove the last residue.

3) Wash carefully the wig and comb it with a specific brush for wigs (you can buy it from many websites, but you can also use a brush for extensions), re-wash it again if you notice some residue or the wigs feels sticky. Gently brush the wig and put it in a towel until it's enough dry that it doesn't lose water around.

4) Leave the wig to dry outside, most of the bathrooms are really humid and it's not the best option to dry a wig (it takes forever to dry) so if you can put it in a drying rack during the morning and your wig will dry in a few hours!

The next steps are only if you want to straight it! When your wig is totally dry you can use a normal hair straightener, the most important thing is to put the temperature really low, max 120 grades (and your wig must be heat resistant of course). Straight little strands of hair so the result will be perfect!

My wig is now perfectly straight and soft! I really like the final result!

Let me know what do you think about this little tutorial and if you would like other posts like this!
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