Review: Nozomi Tojo (Love Live) & Rize (Tokyo Ghoul) wigs

New review for my favorite shop ever Uniqso! Not lenses this time, but wigs! Many of you know maybe that Uniqso sells a lot of beautiful cosplay and fashion wigs, I was really curious about them 'cause they look really cute in pics and I can say now I'm totally satisfied with them!

The first one I chose is a purple wig for Nozomi Tojo from Love Live, I'm a big fan of the series and the character (I'm waiting for the costume, I hope to get it soon!) so I was really happy when I found it on the website! I got the wig in around one month (you can find it here), the usual time with a slow shipping method, it was packed really well with two plastic envelopes! The quality is so good, it's soft at touch, really easy to comb and the perfect violet shade for Nozomi! I absolutely love it and I recommend it to you all if you're searching for a great wig to cosplay her! You can find other wigs for Love Live pgs so don't forget to check all the great selection! I'll make other pics when I'll get the full costume *_* I can't wait!

The second wig is for Rize from Tokyo Ghoul (you can find it here)! The purple shade is not perfect to cosplay her, but it's absolutely stunning anyway! The color is a vibrant purple with a red undertone, it's a special color really hard to find and it's perfect to create beautiful j-fashions outfits! I won't use it for cosplaying Rize but I'll use it a lot for sure in my outfits! The quality is amazing, really soft, it doesn't lose hair when you comb it and it looks really natural! I'm totally in love with! Here are some tips to styling synthetic hair wigs for  a natural look.

Lenses are Eos New Adult violet from Uniqso of course and you can read the full review here!

I got so many nice compliments from my family and friends about these lovely wigs, they look really natural and soft, like realy hair! I absolutely recommend them both and I can't wait to try other ones! Let me know what do you think about them and if you already bought some wigs from Uniqso!
Uniqso organized a wonderful giveaway on its Facebook page, don't forget to join it here!

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