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Hi dears!
Today I would like to show you a new review about the etsy shop Michi Michi Rainbow land
The shop sells a lot of different accessories like tights, necklaces, rings, etc. perfect for j-fashion outfits. My review will be about three different items and I hope you'll like them!
I got the parcel in a few days after shipping, maybe I didn't get a parcel so early in my whole life ahah everything was carefully packed and everything had its protective plastic envelope, I also got the business card of the shop as well (it's too cute!).


The first item I would like to talk about is the tights! It's a lovely tatoo tights with a fake over the knee sock with a cute panda over it, the special thing is the tiny pink cheeks are little jems, they're not printed! I found it really interesting and different from the usual tights you can find on ebay. The quality is really good, the material is thick so you don't have to worry of crushing them after only one use, the print is well done and it's still perfect when you wear it! You can find them here.

An easy and cozy outfit wearing the tights! As you can see they're perfect when you wear them!

The second item is a gorgeous necklace perfect for gothic looks. It has a big pendant with a black frame and an amazing blue/green stone, the effect is fabulous under the light! Even if it's quite big it's really light when you wear it and the quality is really good, it's plastic but very sturdy. It's available in other great colors too! You can find it here.

The last item is a lovely tiny purse, perfect to keep some coins or little makeup items. It has a little chain so you can attach it on your purse if you want! And look at this cute and grumphy's the BEST thing I've ever seen ahahah, for a cat addicted like me it's the most adorable item in the whole world! The quality is really good, the material is really soft inside and outside! You can find it here.

I definitely recomend to buy items from Michi Mich Rainbow land! Lovely items for good prices and inside Europe, so you don't have to worry about customs and long shipping time! Let me know of course if you already know it and if you like their items!

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