Long time since my last wishlist post! I decided to make a new one after so many time mostly because in the following months there will be my birthday, Christmas and my final degrees so it's a good way to suggest something I really like eheh!

I really like Morph8ne as many of you already noticed in the past months, I'm really happy with their products so I wish I could get their logo t-shirt in white or black (I really like the sweater version too) and their beanie in black 'cause you never have too many t-shirts and hats to wear!

You know I'm a shoes addicted and these two platform pairs are my favorite for the incoming autumn/winter season! The first pair is Alien from Windstor Smith (really popular in Italy now), they're perfect for daily looks and they look so comfy! The second pair is Mulder from Jeffrey Campbell, I love it since the past year but I hadn't the chance to find them for a good price. Both models are really similar, total black with a simple design and comfy platform, the JC ones is more elegant and high for this reason I want both of them ahah! Of course there are a lot of similar pair cheaper than these but I like to dream ahah!

You know I'm also a bag addicted even if I don't really take a lot of pics wearing them. These two are my favorite from Vivienne Westwood, I wish I could afford both! The first one is called Abstracht, it's perfect for a daily use especially 'cause it looks really light and comfy to wear but it's really cool with that print! The second one is my most favorite combination, golden orb, plain black fake leather and classic and girly model, it would be perfect for a lot of my coords! You can find both on the VW website.

I have too many outwear, I know, but I would like a new fur coat since long time! I have one but I don't really like how it suits me so I hope to put my hands on one of these from Evris and Fig&Viper (in alternative I really like the Ghost of Harlem ones), they look really cool and perfect for every occasion and outfit, it's also kinda cheap for the brand standard!I hope to find one of them in my Tokyo travel in January! My favorite in this moment is the Fig&viper one!

I'm drooling over Vivienne Westwood jewellery since forever and my favorite are necklaces with the famous orb: the models in the pic are my favorites, but I love the gold version too! The pentacle choker has my name over it ahahah, I'm totally in love with it since the first time I saw it on a english youtuber! It's from Rock 'n rose and it's available in silver too, it's really hard to choose only one ahahah!

This long dress from Glas News is so me, witchy and cool at the same time ahah! It has been long a time since the last time I really LOVED something from Glad News, I hope to get it! The tartan blouse is from Glavil, it's available in a longer version too and I like both, it's really hard to choose only one ahah I like the green ones too!

It's all for now! Of course I would love to get tons of new clothes too but this post would be too long if I try to write everything I want ahahah but these items are absolutely my favorite!

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  1. coool wishliste, i think the glad news dress is my fav! xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. My faves are the first two but they're all great. :)

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  3. Ahh the Vivienne Westwood bags be still my heart~ Love the heart t shirt as well :)



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