Review: Sammy Icon socks

New review this time for the Ukrainian shop Sammy Icon! I never heard of them before, their website and products look really cool so I was really happy and curious to try their items and write a review for you! They have a Facebook page where you can see more detailed pictures of their socks! They ship worldwide of course, I received my parcel without problems, everything was really well packed, but let's talk about the quality!

I had the chance to choose two pairs in their lovely selection, my choices were Visp violet and Versoix Violet, which are totally perfect for my taste.The quality is really great, soft at touch and after washing they're still in great condition, not like most of the cheap quality socks which become horrible after washing ahah!

Hat River Island - Choker Taobao - Cardigan Jsg - T-shirt Fig&Viper - Skirt Terranova - Socks Sammy Icon - Shoes Cute to the core

I wore the Versoix Violet pair to go out with friends the past Saturday, this pair fits a lot of different styles in my opinion, I really like to coordinate it with casual coord! It also has two white stripes on the foot but you can't see them when they're worn!

Horns Kreepsville666 - Poncho, skirt Glavil - Socks Sammy Icon - Shoes Ebay

The second pair is Visp Violet, a cute violet pair with red dots, it's a strange combo but I really like it 'cause it's one of my favorite combination with Glavil clothes, they look like they're made to go with each other ahahah! The quality is really great like the other pair, great and soft and touch, nothing bad to say about them! 

I'm really happy and satisfied with their products, great quality and special socks designs, don't forget to check them!

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