Review: I.Fairy Dolly+ Red

Time for a new review for Uniqso! I recently got a parcel with two lovely circle lens pairs, this first review is about I.Fairy Dolly+ Red, a great pair with a large dimater and vivd color! These lenses are perfect if you are searching lenses for Halloween :D my makeup is also inspired by Halloween and creepy cute outfits, I hope you like it!

Base Curve 8.6mm
Color Tones 2 Tones
Diameter 16.2mm
Processing Time 2-3 working days
Replacement Period 12 months
Water Content 55%

These lenses have a great and vivid red color that fits really well my dark eyes, they're really notable and I'm sure they'll be perfect for light eyes too! The water content is really high so you can immagine how comfy they are, I don't joke when I say they're maybe the most comfy lenses with big diameter I have in my collection! As I already say they're quite big with 16,2mm, the final effect is a cute dolly look perfect for cosplay and creepy outfits, of course they're great for the incoming Halloween! They come with prescription as well.

Color ★★★★ great color that fits really well dark eyes
Design ★★★★ really nice and simple design
Enlargement ★★★★ amazing enlargement effect
Comfort ★★★★ really comfy

- great design and color
- perfect for a dramatic look or cosplay
- nice enlargement effect
- really comfy
- non apt for a daily look

Don't forget to check also the current Uniqso promotions here and here! Of course let me know if you like them, a new review for a natural green pair is coming soon ;D

6 commenti:

  1. I need a red circle lenses for a cosplay...I like this pair *W*!! They're what I wanted
    You look awesome as always <3!

    1. thank you so much ♡♡♡ I'm really happy you like them *_*

  2. Love the design of those lenses, they look great on you! ^ ^

  3. Cutest look! The makeup is great *^*


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