Review: Sammy Dress items III

I got some new items from Sammy Dress some days ago, this time I chose some accessories to make a more detailed review about their products, I can say I'm really satisfied and in love with all of them! Let's start with the review! I got everything in a envelope in around three weeks as usual. You can choose a speedy shipping method if you want something in less time.

The first item is a lovely cardigan perfect for autumn and spring, it's made in acrylic/cotton but the final effect is like a cute chiffon cardigan, really soft and light! You can wear it over tons of different outfits and it gives the final touch to make the whole coordinate more elegant or cool! The size is almost free so don't worry about it, it has the perfect lenght for my height but I'm sure it will fit really well girls taller than me too. The price is only 7,25 euro, it's impossible to find a cute cardigan for such cheap price everywhere, I highly recomment it!

The second item is one of the most fabulous necklaces I ever seen! I saw it a long time ago on a girl on lookbook, I fell in love with it but I wasn't able to find it anywhere so I was really happy to see it on Sammydress for a super cheap price (only 3,78 euro!). The quality is really high, the details well done (both crosses and skulls), it's really light to wear and it's perfect for a gothic look, I absolutely recommend it, it's one of my favorite necklacse in my whole collection!

The third item is a cool pair of tights with the fake effect of otk socks! They're really cool and perfect for every outfit, the quality is good and they fit almost every size, they're really elastic and soft! The black part is made of a thicker material, perfect to create the illusion of otk socks! The price is so cheap, only 3,51 euro!

The last item is a cool bracelet, I drooled over this model for a long time because it's too beautiful and perfect for my style, the bad thing is you couldn't choose the color (they're available orange/brown, white, black and blue), I hoped for the black or white one but I got the orange/brown one insteda but it's really cool anyway, I'm sure I'll wear it! The quality is amazing, the fake leather really soft and the studs a brilliant gold color. The price is 3,96 euro, the most cheap I ever seen for this bracelet!

It's all for my haul, I hope you like the items 'cause they're really cute!

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  1. I love the cardigan and tights! I would of never knew they were tights if you didnt say anything!

  2. Awesome outfit! It's wonderful and you look great. ^^


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