Review: Eos Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue

New circle lens review kindly sponsored by Uniqso! This time I choose my favorite model, Eos New Adult in blue (or Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue), I love this model so much and I was really curious to try it also in blue! I got the parcel in a few weeks without problems, this time I get it really fast!

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Base Curve     8.6mm

Color Tones 2 Tones
Diameter 14.8mm
Processing Time 2-3 working days
RemarksFree 1 normal lens case (medium)
Replacement Period 12 months
Water Content 38%

The color is really vivid and bright, I'm totally in love with it! It also covers really well my natural brown color without looking too fake, if you met me I'm sure you wouldn't notice my own color! The diameter is great to have a nice enlargement effect without looking like an alien, I really like it. The design is really simple and perfect to fit cosplay and japanese fashions outfits. They're also very comfy like all the Eos lenses I tried before and they also come with prescription. I absolutely recommend them because they are original branded Korean circle lenses that are FDA approved. EOS also boasts ISO9001, ISO13845 and KGMP certifications. so they are completey fit for your eyes!

Color 5/5 bold and vivid color
Design 4/5 simple design perfect for this kind of lenses
Enlargement 4/5 Great enlargement effect
Comfort 5/5 really comfy

- vivid color and nice design
- really comfy lenses
- available with prescription
- perfect for special occasion and cosplay
-maybe a bit too fake for daily looks
Don't forget to check also their Facebook page and check also their current promotions!

4 commenti:

  1. I love the lens they have like a glow to them. The eye make-up compliments the lenses nice <3

  2. Hi ^_^ first of all I have to tell you that I really love your blog and your style! I've decided to buy circle lenses for the first time, I'm so curious to see their effect on me... I just don't know which ones to choose ;) I think I'll check all your reviews and then I'll decide XD

    1. thank you so much ♡ you're really sweet! I hope you'll find a pair you like between my reviews ♡♡♡♡


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