Spring coords II

Usual post with my last outfits! Spring is already over, it's my favorite season with autumn and every year is always shorter ;_; it's time to wear only dresses and say goodbye to tights, sob!

Headband Lockshop - Blouse Ghost of Harlem - Skirt h&m - Tights Glad News - Shoes Cute to the Core - Necklaces Monomania, Reliquia Arcana

I don't know why my tights looked so dark in the pics, in real life they were almost like my skin tone XD camera mistery! It was a simple outfit to meet my friends some weeks ago, I consider it really simple but I don't know why I got many rude comments from strangers, lol.

Hat  Miauler Mew - Shirt Ghost of Harlem - Skirt Sheinside - Socks Taobao - Shoes YRU

Another simple outfit I wore some weeks ago, I got some new things in the mail (like this skirt!), the worst thing is it's already too hot to wear most of them XD I hate the italian summer, can someone from Finland or Sweden adopt me for the next months??? ahah!

Headband Taobao - Chokers Handmade by me - Dress Liz Lisa - Shoes YRU

White outfit I wore the past saturday to go out with my friends! The weather was hot like hell XD. A lot of you asked about my hearts chokers, they're handmade by me! I created a lot of cute accessories in this period, I hope I ll'have the chance to show them to you soon!

Skirt, Belt, Cross Glavil - Top Pimkie - Choker Handmade by me - Tights Avantgarde - Shoes Cute to the core

Yesterday's outfit for a little fashion parade in a local convention. The event was kind of a failure  'cause it rained all the time and everything was outdoors....there were also tons of rude people, I know it's "normal" but if you attend a comic convention you don't expect the usual reactions.

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  1. You look amazing in every one! :3

  2. awww so perfect! 2nd is my favorite *-*

    my blog♥

  3. The second one is my favorite! You look like a princess! :)

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  4. Awesome outfits! ^__^


  5. Awesome as always!
    I love all your looks!
    Boooo I hate summer...It's too hot!!!

  6. Wow, all the outfits look so great, it's hard to say which I like best! I like the first one overall, but the Glavil/tutuHA of the last one is always cute :3

  7. Risposte
    1. you're alwasy too kind! thank you ♡♡♡


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