Review: Vassen Butterfly brown

I recently got a new parcel with two pair of circle lenses and sunglasses kindly sponsored by LoveShoppingHolics, they offered me to try the new Vassen series Butterfly , I was really happy 'cause it was the first time I tried Vassen lenses! I chose the brown ones 'cause I thought they would suit better my own color, but the choice was really hard 'cause the lenses are all really lovely and special! I didn't except to get another pair of lenses, I'm really thankful for the lovely surprise! You'll see the other lenses soon in another review post :)!

Everything was packed really well, and I got the lenses in a lovely gift box as usual, the cute animal lenses case and the letter with some advice on how to wear and take care of your circle lenses!

Origin: KoreaDiameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
ase Curve : 8.6mmLife Span : 1 year disposal

The lenses have a really bright color that covers well my natural brown eyes, maybe you can see the little butterflies in the lenses, they're so cute and special! The final effect is a bit too fake but I really like my eyes looking so honey colored! They also give a big enlargement effect as you can see in my pic, the best thing is they're so comfortable, absolutely one of the most cozy pair I have in my collection! I definitely recommend them if you look big lenses with special design and I hope to try another pair from this lovely and unique series!

Color 5/5: super bright color!
Design 4/5: really special and unique design.
Enlargement 5/5: they're 14,5 diameter but they look bigger!
Comfort 5/5: super comfortable.

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 Stay tuned for the next review!

18 commenti:

    Ok, scusa il caps, ma... QUEGLIOCCHIALI. XD

  2. Altro sito da visitare immagino! ^^/
    Ma gli occhiali erano insieme alle lenti per regalo? o^o *non capendo l'inglese deduco seguendo le foto*

  3. The first thing I had in mind: "Wooooooow!!!" *____*

  4. Wooooow I like them!!! You look awesome with them!
    Kisseeeeees <3 <3

  5. Love the colour. ^_^

  6. this type of lenses looks really good on you!


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