Review: Neo Celeb Eyes violet

It has been some time since the last circle lens post I did, so today I'm really happy to show you a new pair the lovely shop Circle lens Diary kindly sponsored me for a review! I was searching for a long time a great pair of violet circle lens that cover well my brown eyes without looking too fake so I decided to try for the first time a pair from Neo Vision/Cosmo (anyone tried this brand before? let me know what do you think!), the Neo Celeb Eyes Violet.

Everything was really well packed!

Manufacturer: NEO Vision/NEO Cosmo (Made in Korea)
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 45%
Duration: 1 year disposal Package: 2 glass vials of lenses + 1 contact lens case.

The lenses have a great purple color, vivid but at the same time natural enough, so you can use them daily and not only for cosplay or something like that. They cover my brown eyes well, even if my natural color is still a bit visible, the dark black outline gives a lovely dolly look to your eyes. They are really comfy on my sensitive eyes, they started to be a bit dry only after some hours but with a good eyes solution it's not a problem! I definitely love these lenses and the brand Neo Vision, I hope I'll have the chance to try some of their other models!

Color 5/5: the color is really cute and good on dark eyes!
Design 4/5: lovely design, I like the black outline.
Enlargement 4/5: they have a small diameter but they give a nice natural enlargement.
Comfort 4/5: really comfy!

- vibrant color
- comfortable lenses
- available with prescription

- not suitable for who is searching for a big enlargement effect

Circle lens Diary has a lot of amazing and genuine circle lenses from Geo and Neo vision/Neo Cosmo, check their Facebook page to see more pics!

12 commenti:

  1. Pretty lenses. You look great ^^

  2. oooh ma che belle!!!! Ho sempre sognato di avere gli occhi viola ♥__♥ o anche blu... o verdi... vabbè, non banalmente marroni scuro >_<' avevo provato con le lenti colorate, ma sfortunatamente soffro di allergie e gli occhi mi bruciano spesso :( sigh ç__ç

    1. come ti capisco T_T ho sempre desiderato gli occhi grigi ♥ meno male che ci sono le lenti! mi spiace che soffri di allergie ç_ç magari ogni tanto le puoi indossare!

  3. Ecco queste si che sono lenti viola! xD Mi ricordo le altre che da viola ti davano invece un effetto più sul grigio =3=.
    Che differenza c'è tra questo sito e il Pinky? Nei prezzi o nelle spese di spedizione? *w*

    1. vero finalmente queste sono davvero viola *___*! Pinky te lo sconsiglio, mi sono trovata malissimo con le loro lenti (e molte altre mie amiche stessa cosa), in più erano pure tarocche quello che ho ricevuto XD almeno quelle di questo sito sono assolutamente originali e comodissime!

  4. Woow, the lenses really look so amazing and the color suites you perfectly! <3


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