Review: Reliquia Arcana shop

I had this review in my mind for a long time and finally I now have the time to share with you what I think about the gothic shop Reliquia Arcana! It's managed by my friend Nicola who works mostly melting down different metals and working with different materials in general. You can ask him everything you want and he'll try to please every request! I got from him this lovely rosary some months ago and I absolutely love it!

 You already saw me wearing it!

A lot of months ago I also commissioneted him this beautifil gothic crown I weared with a gothic lolita coordinate, don't you think it's amazing? The velvet inside has a delicate vanilla flavor!

Everything is really well done, the materials are good and you can't see the things are handmade, it's amazing! I highly recommend his shop for the fabulous quality items he sells, if you have something in your mind I'm sure he can satisfy your wish! Lastly I share with you some items he did, I hope you like them!

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