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I received many requests about how I usually take care of my hair, mostly because my own hair has the worst nature ever, they're always frizzy and with tons of nodes, they are not straight but I don't like how they look with natural curls, so I always need to smooth them or to use a curly iron. I also bleached them many and many times so you can understand how difficult is to have beautiful hair with these conditions. The past year I decided to totally change my hair care routine and it was an awesome decision, now I have beautiful hair and I don't need to use a lot the irons and ruin them more! I said goodbye to all the products with parabens and silicone!

Before washing: I use every time a moisturizing mask because my hair are dry to the lenghts, Lush masks are my favorite all the time, but you can make one also with what you found in your kitchen, there are a lot of recipes online! I always leave them for 40 minutes (not 20 as Lush wrote on the packages) so the hair will be more straight and soft! Obviously I have the italian versions but I did a search to share with you their English names: Belli Capelli = Jasmin and henna fluff-eaze, Capelli D'Angelo= H'suan wenhua.

Wash (Shampoo): I have oily hair on the roots and dry on the lenghts, maybe the worst combination ever 'cause you need different products, but after ages using a pharmacy shampoo for my roots I noticed there aren't any problem with Lush liquid shampoo, also if I use them on all the hair! I tried this three shampoo ( I also have Lazzaro on my parents home in the medium version) and I really like all of them! In English: Lazzaro= Rehab, A Tutta birra= Cynthia Sylvia Stout, Dolce metà= Fair Trade Honey. All of them smell so good, I'm totally addicted!

Wash (conditioner):  this is a really important step for me, hair become a lot  smoother and soft after using a really good conditioner. My favorites are Lush AAA Cercasi (Retread in English) and the Splendor coconut conditioner ( I don't know if it exists outside of Italy). The first one is absolutely my favorite but I also use the second one when I'm near to finish the first one, it hasn't a ecobio inci but it's really good anyway and also very cheap!

Extensions: As many of you know I wore extensions, I like a lot more my hair with them 'cause before the bleaching my hair were really really long and now I feel a bit naked after I removed the damaged tips . has really beautiful human hair extensions and you can choose between a lot of colors, lenghts and types (like brazilian hair, weave, micro loop, clip in sets, etc). I personally recommend Clip in Hair Extensions like mine 'cause I'm totally satisfied with them, you can take them only when you have a special occasion and take down to the evening, really convenient! As my real hair I wash them with my own shampoo and styling with the iron without any problem!

Let me know if you have some products with great inci to suggest me, I'm really curious to know what do you use and if you like extensions!

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  1. I agree , with correct products you can see the differents ... I think, wash hair gently and dry them correctly are two important steps

    1. so true! I also changed my hairdryer and I noticed another little positive change! *v*

    2. Ciao! Volevo chiederti, quante clip usi per un effetto naturale (sul sito ti fa scegliere tra 7,8 e 10)? Di chie lunghezza?
      Pensavo 18 inch (45 cm circa) perchè 22 mi pare troppo (55 cm).

    3. ho le più lunghe da 22 :D (il mio set è da 10) col boccolo l'effetto è molto naturale, da lisce decisamente meno perchè sono molto lunghe! dipende molto da come vorrai utilizzarle!

    4. Sono abbastanza indecisa, perché li userei sia lisci e coi boccoli...
      Comunque volevo farti i complimenti perchè le foto tue di questo post sono bellissime, e anche i capelli sono molto belli, non sembrano nemmeno extensions (。・ω・。) ♪

  2. Nice Blog & its more Informative also, So thank you for Sharing.


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