Origami workshop

Saturday I went to an Origami Workshop with my friends (it was organized by the japanese related association Giappone in Abruzzo), it was a funny experience and I hope I can attend again something like it! Maybe I'll buy some related books in future, I really enjoyed making origami!


Ribbons, necklace Kreepsville666 - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Sweatshirt Listen Flavor - Skirt Glavil - Tights, shoes Ebay

I recently got this new wig from ebay, honestely I didn't buy this model but a darker one but the seller sent me this....I really like it anyway, even it's not what I bought XD it's really soft but the fiber is not the best, I hope it can last like my other wigs.
 Not all the origami I photographed are mine (but from my boyfriend), especially the first ones I made where kinda...horrible XD but then I got the hang of it and the result was satisfying! After the workshop I swapped some christmas presents with my friends, I got so many lovely things I can't wait to show you! I'll make a proper post after the holidays :P

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  1. Ma sai che invece la prima cosa che ho pensato è stata proprio "ma guarda che bella parrucca *_*"? E' proprio bella, ha un colore meraviglioso, e ti sta davvero bene *_*!

    1. grazie millissime ❤️❤️❤️ il colore è davvero bello, l'unica pecca è che perde molti capelli :/ spero che non si rovini subito!

  2. i really love origami, it's so relaxing ^^

  3. Beautiful outfit! You're pretty!

    ✿ Rinako ✿


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