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Maybe you noticed my little absence from social networks the past days, but there was a good reason, I was in Lucca for the annual convention Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest convention in Italy! We left for it on Wednesday to arrange all our things, the travel was so exhausting, over 5 hours in the car x.x! We accomodated in a cute and big appartement inside Lucca, I was shocked when I saw how big the house was! Three bedroom, two bathroon, a big salon, a cuisine ad a big terrace with a lovely view of the town!

Lucca is such a lovely town *u*

The first day of the convention I dressed up simple 'cause I wanted to visit all the stands and buy the few things I wanted.

Hat h&m - Dress Jouetie - Tights,choker Taobao - Shoes Ebay

I wore some new things I got before I left, the Jouetie dress is so cute and cozy, a bit too short maybe XD also the tights are new and I love them!

The second day there was a Fashion Walk with some few organizers from other italian FW. I dressed up fairy for the first time and I don't feel really comfortable with it, I also look so bad in every pic 'cause I didn't sleep for two nights XD

With the adorable Clelia!

Dress, tights, shoes, choker taobao - Headband, bag Angelic Pretty

Bad picture of my outfit, lol

 Saturday I cosplayed Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku ss, does anyone know it? It's a really good anime with a lovely story! I'm waiting for some good pics of my cosplay, I hope I can share them soon! I also ate a yummy plate of takoyaki for dinner *u*.

 The same day we went to a concert, firstly we saw Cristina D'Avena, an italian singer of cartoon openings, then two totally unkown japanese bands, Master K and Chronos. I really appreciated Master K 'cause I love instrumental music especially if it's a mix between electronic and metal. Well...I didn't really like Chronos later XD their sound was not original and also the singer wasn't really good.

Sunday I felt ill like hell, fever and a lot of other not so good disturbs, so I decided to stay in bed and wait to come back home after lunch. I had a lot of fun also if there were a lot of negative aspects, but I was really happy to spend a weekend with my friends in a different way and meet a lot of people I couldn't see in a long time!

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  1. I'm so sorry that you got sick hun. you're outfits look lovely though ^^

  2. Peccato non averti incontrata!!!!!!

    1. che peccato ToT speriamo di incontrarci l'anno prossimo!

  3. Ma come stavi bene in fairy! Quanto sono carine le calze che indossavi ;-; comunque non si vede che eri stanca, stavi benissimo XD. Un peccato non averti incrociata!
    (Comunque io da Venezia mi sono fatta sei ore e mezza di macchina per arrivare a Lucca, una cosa impossibile ''XD)

    1. grazie mille ç*ç ♥♥ è un vero peccato che non ci siamo viste! Comunque ammazza, ci vogliono tantissime ore anche da Venezia D:

  4. Love your fashion sense ^^

    恵美より ♥


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