Birthday tea party

 Saturday I organized a little meeting with my friends for my birthday, nothing really special but I wanted to celebrate it with them too! We went to our favorite bar 'cause I don't have enough chairs and space in my new home to organize a tea party (but I hope I can solve!) so we went there and ate and drunk hot tea and hot chocolate!

Jsk Aatp - Blouse,shoes, hair accessory Taobao - Jacket BPN - Tights Calzedonia

My outfit for the day! I still enjoy a lot wearing lolita clothes, I really need to buy some new ones 'cause I'm a bit bored of my other dresses, it's like 6 months I don't buy something lolita related. Nicola came to my home early (when I was still in pajama and without make up ahahah) so then we went together to Pescara.

Some group pics!

I also received beautiful presents, I'm so happy ToT thank you so much lovelies! I'll probably make a post with my last purchases and presents if you want to see them!

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who visited and followed my blog, it has recently hit 100.000 views, they are so many I didn't expect it, thank you to all!

10 commenti:

  1. You look stunning dear ♥ Looks like you had a wonderfull birthday! And your friends also look lovely :D

  2. lovely outfit ^^ and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  3. Un outfit bellissimo! Non faccio mistero di invidiarti da morire quel jsk, inoltre tu lo abbini sempre benissimo. Il vostro gruppo è sempre una meraviglia da vedere, qui siete elegantissimi :D

    1. grazie millissime *__* ♥♥ spero tanto che riuscirai a trovare anche tu il vampire requiem!


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