It has been long since the last time I met my friends T_T I missed them all! We were all really busy with study and other things that it was impossible for us to meet, but luckily saturday there was the opening of a new japanese related association and we decided to join it mostly 'cause one of the founders is my friend Grazia! I didn't have the chance to talk with a lot of people, but I was really glad to see everyone!

   Cap Ebay - Jacket Maison Gilfy - Dress, tights, boots Glad News

My outfit for the day, I really love wearing huge jackets or sweaters in this period. I looked like a Glad News shop staff XD (I'm also waiting for some new things from them I can't wait to have the parcel in my hands!)

 There were so many people there, too many XD I waited outside the local for the whole evening, but when the conference ended I joined the association and ate some delicious sushi! 

14 commenti:

  1. ahahaahhahahahaha!! questa foto fa troppo ridere!!
    sembro Rodge Forrester!

  2. It looks great! i still love those shoes! *^*

  3. omg I really like this outfit! :D I love to wear huge sweaters as well. This shoes are so perfect *A*

  4. Adoro le tue foto con i tuoi amici perché avete tutti un bellissimo stile :D vedervi tutti insieme è una meraviglia!


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