Pastel day

September is here! The good thing is the weather is cooler so I can wear outfits with more layers and details yay! The bad thing is I will be really busy studying for my exams until the end of the month ...anyway this is my last outfit for a normal day with my friends:

 photo IMG_2176.jpg

  photo IMG_2169.jpg

All is from Taobao (lol)

I still don't know if this style suits me or not, but I enjoy wearing pastel colors sometimes! What do you think?

 photo IMG_2183.jpg
With my lovely friends

The day was really full, firstly we went to buy a birthday present for a friend, then to the usual comics shop, took something to eat and drink at our favorite bar and checked some stores in the centre! I saw so many lovely things for autumn/winter, I was really surprised 'cause it's really hard to find something cool in local stores.

I'm waiting for all the new collections from my favorite brands, some of them already took out their new pieces and I'm in love also if the trend is almost the same from the past year. I'm really curious to see all the news!

20 commenti:

  1. Awwww I love the cat bag and your shoes!!


  2. Io penso che i colori pastelli ti stiano benissimo, e quest'outfit è delizioso :). In particolare adoro quelle scarpette <3

  3. wahhh you are so pretty! >//<
    I dislike the tights but everything else looks beautiful < 3
    you and your friends...are so handsome! ;3;

  4. I think pastels suits you the best you look so adorable ;)

  5. pastels suite you! I love the outfit a lot ^-^

  6. I think it suits you:3
    the dress is so lovely*-*

  7. Wow, this outfit looks really lovely on you *-*
    I love the dress and shoes and.. everything!! haha~
    I'm glad I've found your blog <3

    1. thank you very much *_* I'm glad you like it! ♥

  8. I love fall for the same reason, layered outfits are so much fun! (^~^) I love the outfits of you and your friends, that bag is so cute :3.

  9. super kawaiiiiiii ^.^ please follow me back
    mary <3

  10. super kawaiiiiiii ^.^ please follow me back
    mary <3


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