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Sunday my friends and me attended a cool event in San Benedetto about Japanese fashions and music, we organized a little fashion walk with different Japanese fashions and we explained to people the main features of them. The light was really bad with so many neon lights and also it was hard for my boyfriend to make pictures with so many people, but I hope you like them anyway! Firstly I show you my pastel goth outfit:

 photo ootd-1.jpg

Headband Lockshop – Choker Ghost of Harlem – Necklace Kreepsville – T-shirt Pimkie – Skirt Listen Flavor – Boots Glad News

After a whole night with this shoes I understood they are the most comfy high shoes in the world, I think I will sell my organs for Glad News shoes eheh.

 photo page-9.jpg

I made a collage of some pictures because I don’t want to make this post super heavy ahah
We also had the chance to organize a little market and sell some of our things, as I thought I sold only one thing, but it’s better than nothing ahahah.

 photo stand.jpg

Then there was the exhibition of Ryo Fujimoto, a Japanese dj, I don’t like this kind of music (you know I’m a big fan of metal/depressive/gothic) but I didn’t dislike his music, it was really special and he was also very kind! We also asked him a picture:

 photo IMG_1868.jpg

Unluckily I haven’t a picture with all the people who joined our little fashion parade because one girl went home really early.

 photo IMG_1872.jpg

I was really tired after this event but it was fun! I always hope there will be more Japanese themed events in our region (or Italy in general), I hope you enjoy this post and for the last a little Vine video about the evening and a little scorch of our stands!

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  1. Nice to see all these photo's! ^^ I love that skirt you're wearing, the sheer parts is awesome! And it's great that your shoes were very comfy to wear the entire night ^^

  2. yey, you all look amazing! I love your outfit, it's so cute ^^

  3. nice outfit. and yay for many different styles:3

  4. Siete tutte Kawaii♪ ^___________^

  5. sooo cool! *^*
    I envy you so much darling <3

  6. wow your outfit is so beautiful *0* Your boots are so cool!!

    恵美より ♥

  7. Un evento del genere lo vorrei anche io quiii! çwç <///3

    1. purtroppo è davvero difficile trovare locali che ti permettono di organizzare un evento simile T_T ma spero che anche nella tua regione ci sia qualcuno che sia disposto a farlo!

    2. Qui,oltre al Lucca Comics e raduni vari in cosplay,non ci sono (o meglio non conosco) molte persone interessate a questo genere di cose ç^ç

  8. E le tue scarpine sono awww *^*

  9. I love the outfit you were! Very pretty :3 Those shoes look pretty amazing.

  10. I really loved your outfit, the skirt was perfect!


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