Teramo comix + new video tutorial

The time passed so fast in these days I have no time to do all things I have or want to do XD but here the post with my last days from around a week ago. I went to a little convention in the past days because it was really close to my town and I was so happy to wear again my Saber extra cosplay after so long time! The convention was really tiny and the weather bad, it rained all the time so it was hard to make some pictures XD

 photo collage-1.jpg


I also won the 4th prize in the cosplay competition! I'm not the type who likes to do  this kind of contest but it was funny XD maybe I will consider doing it more in the future with a proper project!

After some days I went to Grazia’s house for lunch and to record a new hair tutorial! The light and the lenses make me super derp in this video XD I feel like an alien….Grazia made two simple hair styles with Prisila hairpieces in color LIYE perfect for gyaru but also for lolita! I hope you like it eveb if I look so alien XD

Hair style 1

Hair style 2, don’t look at my clothes I had a totally different outfit ahahah XD

Let me know what do you think about the tutorial and if you have some ideas for a new one ^^! 

 photo cats-30.jpg

The real outfit of the day was totally different XD I will post soon a good picture of it ( it will be part of a new sponsored review!).

Lastly some pictures from Saturday, I went out with my dear friends as usual, also the lovely Erica joined us because she wanted to meet us before the incoming fashion walk, she is so cute, I’m sure she will be super lovely in japanese fashions *_*! We did some little make up shopping and then to our usual bar XD

 photo FotoFlexer_Photo-9.jpg

Usamimi Terranova – Cardigan Lipstar – Blouse, skirt Angelic Pretty – Bag Btssb – Tights taobao – Boots Dr Martens

My outfit of the day! I love wearing pastel colors in this period but I haven’t got many things so I felt like I look always the same….it’s time to make a new order XD

 photo IMG_1359.jpg
Usual group picture near the comic shop.

I was so happy to have so many occasions to meet my friends and know new ones, but now it’s time to study hard for my summer exams so I think I will spend most of my time at home crying about how bad the university is XD!

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  1. Mammamia quanto pioveva twt sei bellissima mor~ adoro la parra lilla o(≧∇≦o)

  2. OMG OMG OMG and OMG again ;3;
    Your group is sooooo cool and pretty!!! gaaaaah I love seeing your pictures! <3 Your Cosplay was great! I like your new tutorial! Your friend so so talented in making people look beautiful! :O <3 I prefer the first hairstyle! <3 but the second one is cute and pretty too! the light blue wig is amazing *_* I really want to buy myself also a wig (a dark brown one) but I want to have long and shiny hair too! xD

    You are an amazing and nice person! *3*

    1. thank you so much dear *_* you're always so kind I want to hug you ♡♡♡

  3. So pretty! I love your two outfits and the purple/blue wig really suits you!

  4. Such great cosplays ! <3 Can't wait to cosplay as well later this year

    1. thank you very much dear ♡ I'm so curios to see you in cosplay *_*

  5. Awesome cosplay outfit!
    You look aamzing as always, and I liked the tutorial video alot ♥

  6. So pretty all of you! <3 congratz on the cosplay competition! ^^


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