Last Celga parcel!

Today I received my last Celga parcel, I bought very different items this time 'cause I usually buy lolita things :P I hope you like them!


- Super lovers school bag, I really need a big bag for everyday and casual style and this is perfect for my needs, it's so big and cute!

- Super lovers school cardigan, I fell in love with it, it's so damn comfy and really cute! I hope to find the blue version in the future 'cause it's too lovely!

- Angelic pretty Wrapping Ribbon black jsk, I love this print because it's sweet but still elegant, it's all in chiffon and really puffy!

- Pink rider jacket, I don't know the brand, I bought it on mbok and I'm bit disapointed about the the auction picture it was more pastel then in reality!

- Vampire Forest headbow, this is my first print headbow XD ahah I found it for a really cheap price so I decided to take it!

14 commenti:

  1. the dress is gorgeous! I'm in love! *_*

  2. oh man i love the bag and cardigan! *_*

  3. Non guardo aste da parecchio apposta ma...ti spiace dirmi quando hai pagato il vestito AP?*O*

  4. Zeruda: Thank you ♥! It's so gorgeous and soft *_*

    Mad.neko: grazie mille car ♥ sono contenta che ti piacciono *w* in futuro prender√≤ sicuramente altre cose di questa brand!

    Giulia: l'ho preso a davvero poco XD 6800 yen! sono stata davvero fortunata, ed √® perfetto, senza nemmeno un difetto ♥

  5. I love everything!! Especially the dress and pink jacket..perfect!!

  6. thank you dear ♥ I'm glad you like them!

  7. I love the angelic pretty JSK!
    BTW I'm following you ^_^ really nice blog! <- this is mine. I would be happy if you would visit it xD (sry crap english)

  8. thank you very much ♥ I'm following you too :D

  9. Che belle cose!!! Le mie preferite sono il vestito al centro ♥ e la borsa!!!

  10. grazie mille bella ♥ sono contenta che ti piacciono *_*

  11. thank you *_* I'm glad you like them ♥

  12. stupendo il jsk di AP <3 <3!!

    1. sono contenta che ti piace ♥♥♥ √® davvero un amore dal vivo *_*


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