Winter purchases

I bought some items in these days, I don’t know why but I had a shopping desire ahah (maybe because I can’t find on auction something in my wish list for a good price):
-Vanilla Kiss body splash (h&m), it’s a vanilla body perfume, it smells so good!
- Fake fur collar (h&m), it’s so cute, how couldn’t I buy it? I thought some outfits with it, I hope to make pictures asap!
- Fake fox tail (h&m), I love it and I hope to buy a black one when it’s possible! I found some good auctions on ebay, it’s really hard to find a good one in my local store!
- Kaloderma cream, the best butter/cream for dry skin! I absolutely recommend it!
- Jetoy schedule book 2012, I love the products from this brand (you know I love cats), there are a lot of cute things! I’ll would like to buy the make up pochette and the passport case in the future!
- Pupa magnetic nail art kit! I’m in love with it *_* the effect is really gorgeous and the kit is simple to use! I would like to buy it in blue and green too
- BB cream Super beblesh balm from SKIN79, it’s perfect for my skin tone, finally I found the perfect foundation for my light and dry skin!

9 commenti:

  1. I also have the deer collar! It's amazing!

  2. AHHH so the fake fur is from H&M!!! *-* is so cute!
    I like the keychain and the schedule book too :3

  3. Lovely purchases. ^^
    I love that fake fur collar from H&M, it's so pretty! And the schedule book, I really like the cat on the front, it's cute. :D

  4. I got the same Fake fox tail, got it on sale for 1 euro last year. Can't belive how they just re-release stuff XD
    Tried on the colar and its tiny on me. I really want a fawn colar like all the cook kids (LOL) but this one isn't goint to do it. :D
    Love shopping, love the stuff you got!

  5. Thank you girls! I'm glad you like my new purchases! A lot of girls buy this fake fur collar, it's too cute :D

  6. Ma il collo è troppo carino!! *O*

  7. super cute purchases!!

    love the collar!!


  8. I love the collar!! I'm definitely going to make some when I get home (: detachable collars are the best^^ and I understand, I always want to go shopping in the winter >.<

  9. thank you very much for your sweet comments girls ♥ I'm glad you like my new purchases!


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