Outfit snap # 6 + Flavia arrived!

Yesterday my dear friend Flavia arrived for her holiday here in my town! The weather is really hot so I decided to wear a very comfy and fresh outfit, I felt like Dorothy with curly hair, red accessories and my wizard of Oz dress! I hope you like it :)

In the afternoon we visited my town and we made some pics in the port (sorry if the pic is not so good, but there was windy day), then we went to the ice-cream shop!

In the evening we had dinner in our favorite chinese restaurant, I ate spaghetti with vegetables and meat and sweet and sour chicken! I love them *_*

I really love food pics, in future I'll upload more pics about it :D ( When I have time I'll share a special recipe for make a "ciambellone", I don't know how to call it in english ^^')

Our program for today: visit the Sanctuary and the storic centre, then in the evening we will go to the observatory *____* stay tuned!

5 commenti:

  1. mm looks yummy :D I love your anckle socks, looks good with that jsk

  2. thank you :D I'm glad you like them! <3

  3. You look lovely!
    And food pics are best xD

  4. you look cute! omgosh your red, and white and your hair reminds me of an anime character. Yukari from Paradise Kiss. google her, and you'll see what I mean @__@. XD

  5. †Niesje7002†: thank you dear <3

    Cathy: thank you very much :D Yukari is so gorgeous,I really love Paradise kiss >w<


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