Outfit snap #6

The weather in these days is very cold, thank you rain!! My summer will be tolerable! Today outfit is with my Rapunzel dress, the print is really gorgeous and detailed, I think I'll made a print-post about it in the next days! I coordinate it with cream color (cardigan, tights and shoes), the first time I wore it I coordinated it with brown and white :D you can see my previous outfit here: http://lookbook.nu/look/1966870-Rapunzel

I have in mind to coordinate this gorgeous dress with powder pink next time.... but I really need a good classy blouse D: I hope to find it!

6 commenti:

  1. Like I said before, I like the outfit!
    And those shoes look great with the dress. I want simulair ones in black someday. ^^
    Gosh you're so pretty! ♥

  2. thank you very much dear ♥ you're always so sweet! I hope you can get the shoes asap!!

  3. You look lovely, that is a stunning print and i love the light color with it :D

  4. thank you very much ♥ I'm glad you like it ;D!

  5. I like this print :D red is one of my favorite colors!!
    Thanks for your comment at my blog, you can go to my etsy store if you want to :3
    take care.

  6. Red is one of my favorite color too :D I'm glad you like it!


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