Outfit snap #5 and new purchases

Finally I finished my summer exams *hurrà hurrà*! I promise more posts in this period, I hope you like them! Today I start with my last lolita outfit with my new Silent Moon

The outfit is really simple, I wore rose diamond socks (MmM), rose corsage on hair and a little necklace with a blue cross! The weather is so damn hot here in Italy, it's really difficult to wear lolita ._.! I'm waiting for the autumn!

As I promised in my last post, here my last purchase:

Offbrand dress ( Tally Wejil) perfect for gyaru, I really love the floral print! I bought it for 15 euro, I love sales XD

Essence limited edition Ballerina Gloss, I choose "Do a floating pirouette" a mix between plum and fucsia! Pic about the "real" color:

Another make up purchase (yes, I'm a makeup-addicted ._.)
Masayume gloss (color 02 Hana no Ho), a gorgeous shade of pink !

And finally I received this present, a cute Hello kitty pajamas! Sorry for the bad pic x_x

Thank you for looking! I really apprecciate your comments ^^!!

2 commenti:

  1. As I said before, the dress looks amazing on you ♥
    And the pajamas are cute! I like Hello Kitty ^^
    And the other dress looks lovely, gosh, I love flower patterns!

  2. You're always so kind ç*ç thanks thanks thanks ♥♥♥ Silent moon suits you so well, it's perfect on you! Rose pattern is perfect for summer! I want more dresses like it XD!


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