New camera ^___^

Little summary of last days, let’s start with Friday! I went out with friend to our favorite manga shop, we hadn’t a real program so we went out when it was dark so my pic with Sara it’s really bad :(! I bought Blue Exorcist 6, Soul Eater 16 and Bleach gold edition 32 (there are too many issue in this period! My wallet cries!), then we went to our favorite bar to drink a hot tea, we chose a classic lipton tea and it was delicious but, I hope I’ll drink ceremonial tea as soon as possible because it’s my favorite in this period!
I made a little disaster with the tea *coff coff* the teapot wasn’t close enough so a lot of water came out!
I really liked Sara’s outfit, I think she could be a gorgeous gyaru if she decides to start! My outfit was pretty simple, the day was so cold so I wear one of my favorite wool coat coordinated with red!
Saturday: Finally my dad bought my birthday present, a new camera!! My new baby:
The shop assistant told me this camera makes very well pics with few light, so it was perfect for my needs! It’s also really light, I can take it in my bag always (and the design is really fine, I love it! ) The only bad thing of the day was that i could not go out with my friends ahah
I hope my pics will be better in the next posts , I wanted a new camera for a long time!
Some other little news:
Finally I also received my last little purchase, BB cream Skin79 super gold and my new schedule book for the next year, I decided to make a review post of BB cream ‘cause a lot of girls in my community told me about it, then I would like to make a post about the cute schedule book, it’s the forth year I bought it, I think it’s always good to know cute schedule book and good shops :)! Every year I’m so happy to buy a new one ‘cause there is always a lot of new choice!
And….what do you think about the new Moitie print? I like it in blue (I’m bit traumatized ahah butterfly and alchemy theme?!), I prefer this version, I think the print it’s heavy so with the little veil it looks more elegant!

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  1. I like the new peint, but only with the blue print ^^ I like the OP and JSK ♥

    And yay for a new camera! I'm looking forward to see new pictures made with it ^^

    And I like your outfit, red and black is a lvoely combination.♥ And don't worry about spilling with the tea, things like that can always happen. I wouldn't be surprised if it happend to me as well haha

  2. Che bella la nuova fotocamera, spero che le prossime foto verranno bellissime con quella u_u ♥
    Sicuramente settimana prossima arriva la BB anche a me *_* non vedo l'ora!

  3. You and your friend look so cool!!<3 Nice outfits!☆
    Also, the camera seems like the perfect size to carry around~

  4. Berets <3
    I like this MMM print, the blue is the prettiest. Will you buy it? :D
    YAY! congrats for the new camera /o/

  5. Denise: thank you very much dear ♥♥♥ you're always so sweet!

    Sara: non vedo l'ora di sperimentarla ♥ci faremo tantissime nuove foto *___*

    Teaparty: thank you so much ♥ you're always so kind!

    Haku: thank you very much dear ♥ I hope to buy it in future :D

  6. Che bella la nuova fotocamera!^^
    Invece la stampa MMM non mi convince affatto >.<'

  7. grazia cara <3 ti dirò di primo impatto ha lasciato mooolto perplessa anche me, ma alcune foto "reali" mi hanno fatto ricredere ^^

  8. sabato ti metti la BB cream? così posso vedere se effettivamente va bene anche per la mia pelle, ed in caso la ricompro *w*

    shirayuki hime/elly

  9. certo cara che la metto *_* mi ci trovo davvero bene, spero faccia al caso tuo!


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